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Want to book a appointment with Big Gus...

Tuesday December 04, 2012

If anyone wanted to book a appointment with Big Gus here is his info from his blog about appointments :)
Booking Appointments With Me

I am so grateful for all the support I have received from my fans of Tattoo Nightmares i am beyond gretafull.

I have been so fortunate to have an amazing clientele, for many years I have had a one to two year waiting list for many years but Since the first season of TATTOO NIGHTMARES aired, many new names have been added onto that list for tattoo work,with the airing of TATTOO NIGHTMARES my list is growing bigger everyday so please be patient.
There are many questions that are being asked, that hopefully I can help answer:
My shop is ART JUNKIES TATTOO hesperia ca
My current hourly rate is $200 for non cover up work, ”Cover UP” Work is 250 depending on how difficult the work may be however that may change in the future.
My regular tattoo appointment email is,I will not respond to cover up work on this email.
My Cover Up appointment email for TATTOO NIGHTMARES is please allow 1-2 weeks for response.
Please email photos in multiple angles of your ink that you want covered up, try to show me as much of area as possible, this is needed to see if i am even able to do cover up.
For all media,news,interviews,publications with me please email me at please allow 1-2 week for a response.
My email for tattoos at the many conventions i do a year is please allow 1-2 week for a response.
To purchase any of my Art or clothing you see on show or at conventions please visit my store on my website
Due to my long waiting list I am unable to do any drawings for someone else to tattoo.
There are so many artist in so many different cities, it would be impossible for me to refer you to someone. Internet, social media, word of mouth and reviewing portfolios are the best ways to find and choose an artist.
I will post the conventions or guest spots I will be doing on my blog, shop website and FaceBook, so keep an eye out for those posts.You can link to all my social media sites via my website
Tattoo Nightmare Shop is only used for Jasmine, Tommy Helm and I to work together and film. The filming is done in LA however, the shop is not where we each work on a daily basis. There is no phone number for the shop, again as it is only used for filming.
I do not work at Madison Tattoo Shoppe in North Hollywood, again the tattoo shop that I am partnered is in Hesperia, California and is called Art Junkies Tattoo
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If you want to be on the show, you must contact Spike Casting. My shop manager Robin or myself have no say in who gets chosen. Please go on for info on story & tattoo cover up submissions.
Please hit me up at or instead of facebook because this will help us keep track of every email much better if you have any other questions. We will NOT add anyone to the waiting list via the internet. You MUST email me to be put onto the waiting list for any tattoo work,or cover up tattoo work.
Thanks so much for understanding and we look forward to helping every one out! Please contact the shop 760-947-5538 ROBIN shop manager for any questions regarding tattoo work or media events,or anything i could have missed please allow 1-2 weeks for an email or phone message responses Thank you for reading!
Keep a eye out for when 2nd season will start ! :)