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Saturday October 08, 2011

I was born on Guam

I’m a ball of energy

I was raised by a pack of cigarettes
My favorite color is dark purple
My favorite food is Wahoo’s fish tacos (There is a framed 8X10 photo of me on their wall)
I have an 8 year old son
I am Mom and Dad
I can live out of a backpack for months
I’m a princess
I love to make people laugh
I’m hairy like animal
I think Abe Lincoln lied so much people talked shit behind his back and called him honest Abe
I hate small dogs but enjoy hot dogs with sauerkraut
I have a secret identity...
I used to be a rapper, I got offered two record contracts
I don’t lie
I don’t have a filter
My mind is always in the gutter
I hate the heat but love summer because girls dress trampy
I love love love the rain, it makes me smile
I watch romantic comedies and feel warm and mushy throughout the film but then get angry that I’m alone at the end
I could be a millionaire and miserable owning my families business but I chose to be happy doing what I love instead
I brush my teeth with two toothbrushes at a time.